UVM Now $250 Million RIcher

Just short of the six years allotted for a $250 million fundraising campaign-only the second campaign in UVM history-President Fogel an-nounced that on Thursday, Jan. 18, a total of $250.6 million had been raised, according to the University Communications Web site. The campaign, which began in July of 2001, according to the Web site, is built on funds allotted to priority categories including students, faculty, facilities, libraries, athletics, Fleming, visiting scholars and unrestricted funds, according to a campaign progress report released by the Department of Development and Alumni Re-lations. Outside support and that from the University commu-nity involved in the campaign “has positioned the Univer-sity of Vermont to realize its overarching goal in the years ahead – to become known as the nation’s premiere small public research university,” Fogel said, according to the University Web site. According to the report, over half of the money raised is allotted towards UVM fac-ulty, which is about $129.3 mil-lion. Money allotted to stu-dents-for financial aid, schol-arships, etc., comprised the second largest percent of the fund with about $68.3 million, falling short of the $105 dollar goal set for the campaign, ac-cording to the report. “What it really boils down to is whatever moneys we give philanthropically to run the place, if there are gaps in terms of what we need to run the institution, that tends to be reflected in tuition because we’re so tuition dependant,” said Tom Gustafson, the vice president of Student and Campus Life and former vice president of Development and Alumni Relations. Another way to look at it is that the more money that we raise, the less rapidly tuition has to increase.” Goals were set at the begin-ning of the campaign in terms of the amount of money raised in each priority category and only two of them, faculty and unrestricted funds, were met and exceeded, according to the report. “The donors call the shots in terms of where your money goes, so you never really know how it’s going to come out. “You have hopes and you try and steer people in differ-ent directions…[but] you have to go with the donor’s wishes.” Gustafson said.Gustafson says that the cam-paign has come long way since its beginnings in 2001. “This campaign was planned and designed before Dan Fogel was president. And in the meantime, I think, Dan has come in with a much more expansive vision for the Uni-versity in terms of numbers of students, in terms of facili-ties, in terms of quality,” he said. In some ways, this cam-paign was designed before we knew the direction, the very excellent direction, that Dan has been taking the place.” Gustafson mentioned plans for another fundraising campaign, which would sup-port renovations of buildings such as Patrick Gymnasium and Gutterson, but said that it is uncertain as to whether the University will take a break or continue uninterrupted in June.