UVM: Sweatshops?

What does you label say: China, Ecuador, Russia, the USA? Who is making your clothing, are they young or old? Are they being paid well or are they forced to work long hard hours in dangerous conditions? These are questions each one of us should ask ourselves every time we go to put on clothes in the morning. As socially conscious humans it is our responsibility to make sure that all people are making a livable wage and that they aren’t just a nameless machine for corporate profit. In our daily lives each one of us must have a heightened awareness of these questions. However, what about our school? Does the University of Vermont sell clothing that is made in sweatshops? Do the athletic teams wear jerseys made in a far off corner of the globe by young women who do not make enough to feed themselves? If so, what does this say about a “socially conscious” University like UVM? What does our label say? These are the hard-hitting questions that we must be asking.Colin RobinsonClass 2006Campus Progressives