UVM to keep going green on the go

Even when grabbing food on the go, some UVM students don’t forget to be environmentally friendly. After 200 containers were sold in two months, the Eco-Ware initiative has been approved to stay on campus through December, said Jay Taylor, marketing assistant for University Dining Services. “Not only will we continue Eco-Ware into next semester, we plan to expand the program to the Davis Center Marketplace, Given Atrium, Waterman Café and the Waterman Manor,” he said. The Eco-Ware program, which provides students with reusable takeout containers, was launched this January at the Marché and Brennan’s, according to the UVM website. Eco-Rep sophomore Shana McCann is one of a number of students who work to educate residents in the dorms on environmental issues McCann said she believes Eco-Ware is a good way to eat green but that it would be more successful with some improvements. When UVM houses approximately 5,500 students on campus, 200 containers is actually a really small number, McCann said. “I think that more advertising is definitely crucial, and hopefully there will be more publicity on the program soon,” she said. I think that there are a lot of students who would be really excited about Eco-Ware but haven’t really heard about the program too much, she said. First year Henry Cammack recently bought an Eco-Ware container because his roommate suggested it. “I think it’s definitely worth it,” Cammack said. “You’re going to save a lot of waste produced by the takeout containers.” Eco-Rep Emily Abernathy said that Eco-Ware is so convenient, she uses it once or twice daily. Other students complain about the initial price of the containers. “I’m a stingy and poor college student [who] wouldn’t want to spend the $7.50,” sophomore Kody Grassett said. McCann said that when Eco-Ware was free, students didn’t return the containers and the program was unsuccessful. Eco-Ware supporters have said they hope more students participate so that the initiative can continue to get approval. “So, start a revolution. Eco-Ware forever. Blog about it. Tweet about it. Talk about it loudly so that people have no other option to overhear you.” McCann said.