UVM’s Changes

We’re talking about future jobs. About $30,000. We’re talking about horrible food at the Mar’shit. About 20 YEAR OLD KIDS. Every kid has been harassed by the UVM “police” (some refer to them as wardens to this prison). It seems like every kid on campus has a story. The recent efforts to turn the University of Vermont into Ivy League status does not piss me off, it’s the way they’re doing in. There are degrees from “wet” campuses that are worth twice as much as a Catamounts’. Schools were kids work hard and party harder. UVM professors receive awful salaries compared to other state schools. Obviously the corrupt souls that run the show at UVM have attended college, have lived on dorms, have struggled night after night doing calculations and typing labs, and have partied. Why can’t they relate to us? They used to be in out shoes, right?Let’s cut a cop off the budget and pay the poor men and women who maintain the campus $8 an hour instead of $7.50. Let’s cut a cop off the budget and give professors what they deserve. But wait… if we do that how can the school make money. Whose is going to issue the 100 dollar tickets for drinking? Let’s hire some more cops busting KIDS, let’s ruin some more lives. Shit, I’m from Vermont and I love this state and the people here (even the ones from Jersey), but I might transfer. Greg Switz