UVMtv receives funds from SGA

UVM’s student-run TV station was given $6,000 last week to stop airing the flying diaper and to start broadcasting the four channels they currently have access to.The Student Government Association (SGA) added $6,000 to the $5,000 that UVMtv already has to help them begin airing broadcasts from four different channels, UVMtv’s President Greg Schondelmeier said. The $11,000 that UVMtv currently has will allow the station to get rid of their old Macintosh computer, the only device they had for broadcasting and buy a new server that is capable of maintaining four video outputs, Schondelmeier said. UVMtv had been struggling with financial difficulties for several years and had been unable to replace its outdated equipment.These four channels will be used for sports, student productions, UVMtv productions and open source programming, he said. “I believe this will help to jumpstart our new advertising package in working with off-campus vendors around the Burlington area,” Sonah Lee, UVMtv’s treasurer, said. “I see this server being our doorway to steady revenue because having reliable equipment supports consistent advertising. We have been waiting months to finally purchase this server,” she said.UVMtv originally asked for $8,000 but the SGA only gave them $6,000, making fundraising a must for the TV station. They made $650 by selling donuts but they are looking for ways to acquire more revenue, Schondelmeier said. “Personally, I want us to be fundraising as much as we can this year – not only because we need the dollars but because we want to show the UVM community that we are still alive and stronger than ever. Donuts are just the beginning,” Lee said.”[We do not have] enough revenue stream to pay for the costs, but give us five years and we will be able to become a profit-generating organization as well as a valuable media-generating resource at the University,” Schondelmeier said. Their main focus right now is acquiring the empty space in the Davis Center, next to The Computer Depot. They are currently located in the basement of Coolidge Hall and they have a studio in Rowell. UVMtv submitted their request for space in the Davis Center but are competing with a few outside vendors, who aren’t media organizations or UVM organizations, Schondelmeier said. “The question I would like to propose to the UVM student body is, ‘who would you rather see occupy the Davis Center space, UVMtv or more space for The Computer Depot?'” Schondelmeier said. “[In the proposal] you need to state how geared you are toward the student body. In my opinion, UVMtv is most qualified in that area,” he said.”If the University is really interested in developing a university for the students than what better than [to have UVMtv] next to WRUV and The Cynic?” Schondelmeier said, “It would crystallize the status of all three groups together.””It would be ideal for us because it’s located right next door to both WRUV and The Cynic, allowing all three student-media groups to be in one central location,” UVMtv Vice President Jeremy Baras said. “It would also allow us to have our offices and potentially a studio in there, which would improve the caliber of our club immensely.”Members of the group are not in short supply and they have been getting one to two new members a week. “Students generally seem enthusiastic about our club, it has just been a matter of us becoming more consistent and getting each channel running smoothly with consistent and attractive programming,” Baras said. “By purchasing a four-channel server, we would be able to do that even more and further improve the development of our club.”