Vermont Student Opinion Polls question the Coca-Cola contract

If you have received an e-mail this semester asking your opinion on the sales of Coca-Cola products on campus, you have been randomly selected to participate in the Vermont Student Opinion Polls (VSOP). The first VSOP of the semester are being sent via e-mail to a randomized group of UVM undergraduate students about the Coca-Cola contract, Student Government Association (SGA) Public Relations Committee Chair Nicholas Monteforte said. “Many students want to get Coca-Cola off campus, so the idea of the VSOP is to get student opinion about the issue that captures a good representation of the undergraduate body at UVM,” Monteforte said. The committee working on the Coca-Cola contract, which expires in the spring of 2012, will analyze the results of the poll so that the voices of UVM students are taken into consideration, Monteforte said. “The results from the VSOP have been essential in the past for acquiring the attitudes of students in a timely and cost-effective method,” the Public Relations Committee stated. The VSOP was created in 1982 in order to collect students’ opinions about important campus-wide issues discussed by the SGA, the Public Relations Committee stated. Recent years’ polls were administered through pieces of paper given to students at random locations around the UVM campus. However, this process did not accurately represent the student body, Monteforte said. This year the SGA worked with Institutional Studies to collect a list of random e-mail addresses of UVM undergraduate students, he said. The SGA will publish the results of the polls on their website so that they are available to the student body, Monteforte said.