Vote Carleton for City Council

To the Editor: I am writing in support of Ian Carleton for Burlington City Council. UVM students should care about this election, and here’s why they should vote for Ian Carleton. He has been active in community politics for years. He is intelligent, listens carefully and will work very closely with students. As we saw in the last presidential election, just a few votes can make a dramatic difference. That is the case locally, nationally and is definitely the case in this election. The Progressive party has dominated Burlington politics for years. By voting for Ian Carleton, a Democrat, the power base within city council will shift away from an absolute, unchecked Progressive majority. With this more even political balance, compromise and reason would better prevail over a single party agenda. We have a great city to live and play in, but well-meaning initiatives need to be tempered with sound reasoning. We are more patriotic than we were just a few months ago, and we have a chance to capitalize on those feelings and change the way city politics operate. Electing Ian Carleton would be an exceptionally good thing for UVM. Matt Montross Class of 2002