Vote Wes Tank-Day SGA Vice-President

Hard work, an open-mind, cooperation, knowledge and experience. These skills are imperative to any student leader. This is why Wes Tank-Day, SGA Vice Presidential candidate, who possesses these qualities and more, is our choice for this year’s endorsement. Tank-Day is friendly, open-minded, and outspoken about student issues, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right. Between the SGA, the Cynic, and other activities and classes, Tank-Day is able to balance a busy schedule while being able to put 100 percent into all of his commitments. With that dedication, along with knowledge of the inner workings of the SGA, Tank-Day can put in the hours and the know-how into making the SGA function at its best while supporting his colleagues, especially the other members of the executive committee. By setting high but attainable goals, Tank-Day is able to get things accomplished without sacrificing his main goals, or the goals of the students. He is concerned with issues surrounding campus safety, the environment and diversity, just like everyone else, but his ability to work hard and communicate well with others will make his plans to make these concerns disappear a reality. With a willingness to work hard and for all students, Tank-Day is the best choice for Vice President. His knowledge and drive will be an asset to the SGA.