VP refuses to resign

Student Government Association Vice President Josh Miller has refused the Executive Committee’s request for his resignation. “After considering the request, I have decided not to resign. I want to take my role head-on, and it is my intention to resolve these miscommunications rather than re?treating from them,” said Miller. The request was made based on allegations that Miller has not fulfilled his duties as vice president and that some of his behavior has contributed to an unhealthy environment, SGA’s Chair of Student Activities, Drew Sander said. “The Executive Committee did not vote without considering all aspects of performance including achievements, professionalism, mistakes and unaccomplished work,” SGA President Jay Taylor said.”I think the Executive Committee is choosing to focus on what I have not done versus my many accomplishments,” Miller said.According to the SGA Constitution, when an official is asked to resign and refuses to do so, the Executive Committee may pursue an impeachment process.”There was agreement amongst many in the [Executive Committee] that we are well beyond the point where functional working relationships and trust in Vice President Miller’s leadership could be restored,” Taylor said.As outlined in the SGA Constitution, the impeachment is a three-step process. The first step involves drafting a petition requesting the official in question to leave office. This petition must be signed by at least 10 percent of the student body.The motion must then pass by at least two thirds through a vote by the Executive Committee. The Senate then votes on the motion, where it must pass by a vote of two thirds once more. “If all of those [steps] occur, then vice president Miller would be impeached,” Sander said.Director of Student Life Pat Brown said he has been with UVM since 1983 and in that time, the Student Government Association has asked officials as high ranking as President to resign at least twice.”To the best of my knowledge, there is no formal impeachment process happening as of right now,” Brown said. Brown added that in most past cases the impeachment processes were never completed.Miller says he was shocked when he heard that the Executive Committee was requesting his resignation.”I am in the office whenever I’m not in class and I am doing work on behalf of the student body, I’m not just sitting in there for no reason. I ran for this position because I did believe for the greater good and overall change,” Miller said.Taylor says he disagrees with Miller’s decision to withhold his resignation.”If the Executive Committee had asked me to re?sign, I certainly would have,” Taylor said. According to the Student Government Association Constitution, the Vice Presidential title holds numerous responsibilities such as managing SGA office operations, appointing students to campus committees and filling senatorial vacancies.This year’s budget designates a $200 weekly salary to the vice presidential position, Miller said.