Water bottle ban followup


The water bottle ban has passed, making UVM one of the only universities not selling water in its vending machines.  VSTEP’s work towards getting this ban to pass will make a huge difference. 

“Convincing people to do the right thing was the hardest part of passing the new water bottle ban on UVM campus,” VSTEP President, Gregory Francese said.

The school is now making water more available to students though the use of 75 more accessible water bottle filling stations, as seen in the Davis Center.  VSTEP is also selling Outdoor Gear Exchange water bottles at a discounted price. The club will be losing money because of this exchange, but believe it will encourage students to use the water fountains.

“I love that they’re supporting Outdoor Gear Exchange.” Said UVM student, Becky Chitro.

Some argue that not having a healthy water option in the vending machines will drive the students to buy more sugary drinks. “That’s a personal decision to buy those dinks, it’s just as easy to fill up your water bottle for a fraction of a cost”, Francese said.

“Why would anyone buy a Dasani when you can fill up your Nalgene for free? Dasani even puts salt in their water.” Student, Sadie Holliday said.

VSTEP’s next project is to educate UVM students about Vermont Yankee. The club will be tabling in the Davis Center educating students on “The basic understanding that Vermont Yankee should be shut down because of its negative impact on the environment and the need to diversify the energy portfolio of Vermont.” Francese said.

“The hardest part about activism is putting yourself in the shoes of the average student. We need to make the water fountains as appealing as possible, so student prefer filling their water bottle rather then buying a Dasani.”