We Can Work It Out

Are you deliriously tired at the moment, highly discouraged from persevering through one more day? Have midterms been sucking out your lifeblood and leaving you an empty shell submerged in a puddle of your former self? Hey, me, too! If you find that you are yet another victim of feeling awash in a sea of overwhelming responsibility you have no real interest in upholding, fear not. For you are not a rare breed of useless kid; you are, in actuality, the traditional college duuder in the midst of a half-empty semester. Everybody, dear ones, right now feels like they have made the wrong decision in pursuing higher education. Such is the nature of the beast, the current animal-in-question being that of seemingly endless lines of offensive assignments to tackle. So say it with me now, people: we shall overcome. It is my solemn vow that you will feel better by leaps and bounds in but two weeks if you just see yourself through with slightly extended hours of work versus play and the corresponding burn without the crash. In two weeks or less, fellow UVMissaries, most of your toughest academic battles will be surmounted and you shall emerge the victor. Slightly more tired, no doubt, but all the more wise and well in control of future study plans and consequent positive results. Roll up your sleeves and try, try, try again throughout the next two weeks. Do so, if not for your own personal integrity, for the nice people paying your tuition, be they relatives, the college, the state or the country. And if for nothing else, do so because the ensuing parties following two to three solid weeks of work will be sweeter than any baked good in the land. Hey, I know, I know it hurts. I have the grey matter to prove it. But I will do whatever is in my power to actually act out my goals and not just say I will, because I want the good grades that come with two weeks of sleepless, homework-filled and ulcer-producing nights. Yes, the elbow grease necessary to produce complete and quality work is hard to come by; I argue you not. However, I urge you to tap every natural resource within your very cavity in order to harvest them smarty oils. Guarantees that your giving up and accepting failure will disappoint you to the worn bone fly this way and that and coat your very skin, penetrating deeply into your weary mind. You know, your mind, that li’l guy/gal who struggles in the face of all oppression and stays up for years at a time in order to fuel the S.S. UVM student. So as not to lay him/her to waste as he/she has never let you down, do yo’ work, keeid, and let them As roll on up.