What to look for in 2008

Here’s what you music junkies should keep an eye out for in ’08. If anything seems intriguing, you can find these artists on Hype Machine (www.hypem.com), the mp3 blog tracker, or at their Myspace pages. The Internet has made the consumption of new music effortless so listen deep and enjoy!Santogold Brooklynite Santogold opened for Bjork last year and her debut features production from Switch (who produced most of M.I.A.’s Kala) and Diplo (who you should already know). Vocally, she comes across as a pre- Harajuku Girls Gwen Stefani mixed with an American M.I.A. She defies easy categorization; her music is an eclectic mix of hip hop, indie guitar riffs, dub, and experimental dance.EvalineBased out of Turlock, California, this ambient, post-rock group is known for their epic buildups to climactic crescendos. This is stoner-friendly indie rock that is perfect for those of you unafraid to take a trip with the iTunes visualizer.Crookers This duo of Italian house producers just might be the third-wave heirs to Daft Punk’s mighty second-wave electro throne. Crookers uses full-bodied bass lines with a definite focus on the low end of the sonic spectrum. Don’t miss their remixes of Chemical Brother’s “Salmon Dance” and Timbaland’s “The Way I Are.” Some critics are calling this stuff hyper bass. We won’t argue.High Places Brooklyn-based duo whose ethereal music falls some?where between the calculated na’veté of early Beat Happening and the heavily processed soundscapes of Panda Bear’s Person Pitch.Singer Mary Pearson’s voice is hipster-clad pixie floating through the mix. Spend a few minutes with their song “Shared Islands” and you’ll get the picture.Paper Route Recordz With its strangely beautiful Final Fantasy theme sample (video game, not violin-toting indie act), this dirty south label based out of Huntville, Alabama has brought us “Bama” — one of the most distinctive and doleful hip hop joints to find The Cynic’s Macbook speakers in years. Equally beautiful, PRGz ‘s “Woodgrain” includes an eerie vocal sample that wouldn’t sound out of place in a John Carpenter movie. This is for those who like their hip hop dark. Don’t sleep on this!