Whose School Is It, Anyway?

There must be something wild happening here. Surely all 7000 of us are congregated for some purpose worth at least the cold. For so many bodies to come together in a single space, and for them to remain there for eight months, there is undeniably some purpose in it. I will not define it. Purpose will not be my master, but when my parents foot the bill I can’t, I will ensure that I abide by a vision that might begin to justify the cost. Unfortunately, it is finance that might stand to stop our learning . To make the school into a corporation would be to spit at all the teachers, set fire to all the books. To build a gym and starve the educators would be cost-effective, I’m sure-I have not yet seen a professor sell-out the Gut-but do we see what we are doing? Of course the school needs money to survive, but a school seeks to educate, a business is looking for money; I do not see how these two institutional ideologies might ever reconcile their differences so as not to be at odds. I see a thousand ways to save money but administrators seem preoccupied with spending it. For instance, a single high-resolution projector can cost a thousand dollars, and each clasroom has one. When we are emailed about visions of UVM’s future, we ought first question our own vision and future, and then demand that the school help us find them. If your quest to find your future is furthered by the projector, let it stand; if you find instead that it stands in your way, take a stick and beat it down from the ceiling which it clutters.