Wills are Vital for Students Too

(U-WIRE) DETROIT – College students need for a will varies from each person. “Many college students won’t need a will,” said George Cooney, adjunct professor at Wayne State University Law School. “For example, students that share a bank account with their parents, the money in that account would go to the parents in the event of their death.” This is called intestacy, when property of the deceased goes to the closest relatives.At a university like Wayne State, where the ages and life situations of students are so varied, it’s more of an individual choice. “Certainly students who are married, have children, own property or anything of high value should have a will,” said Cooney. A will can specify who will become the guardian of your child or where your CD collection will end up. Janaye Jonbert, 20, a sophomore communications major, doesn’t have a will, yet. ” I have plenty of stuff to leave, I just haven’t given it much thought up to this point,” said Jonbert. “I’ll probably wait until I’m in my 30s.” Malcolm Nelson, 35, a public relations major and father of two, said he’s waiting to fill out his will. “Once I acquire more assets, save more money, then I’ll make it a point to have a will made out for me,” said Nelson. Cooney said students should consider getting a will, because is it easy. Wills, ” usually are not expensive. Most lawyers can either draw out a will for you or refer you to a lawyer that specializes in wills,” he said.The Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association is one organization that could aid people with questions about receiving a will, Conney said. “Let them know what kind of (legal) work you need done and they will refer you,” said Cooney. While not every college student needs a will, all students should have a Medical Power of Attorney Cooney added. He said the will designates a patient advocate such as the spouse, mother or father, sibling or friend, in the event of a serious accident and is unable to make decisions. “Who would be looking out for you in that type of situation? This is essentially a way to pull your own strings,” said Cooney. Forms can be obtained at University Health Services.