Winter Cleaning

The depths of one’s closest are often uncharted territory. Only truly brave souls venture fourth into the unknown lands that make up the average UVM wardrobe.Yet the gruesome mess that waits behind those closed doors is one easily fixed with a few simple steps on closet organization. A novel concept that IKEA and Bed, Bath and Beyond are always ready to assist customers with.To begin, the wardrobe must be emptied completely and all trash must be extracted. Once the actual size of the wardrobe is visible and all the clothes are folded, one should decide whether they would like bins, or a hanging shoe holder or both.The shoe rack, most useful for shoe crazed females, would be included in this list as a necessity except for the small problem that almost none of the shoe racks available cater to a small wardrobe.However, the next best choice is the hanging shoe rack. This is the most versatile and space-saving gadget for a closet. It can hang on the back of a wardrobe door and can hold everything from shoes to belts to underwear.Anything that can be scrunched into a small ball fits easily into the hanging shoe rack. The shoes, the original reason behind the rack, can fit neatly inside as well. One of many hanging shoe racks, the “As Seen On TV” Shoes Away Organizer, found at Bed, Bath and Beyond, is an almost perfect fit for small wardrobes that still has the necessary pockets.Another simple way to make the floor and the top shelf of the closet most useful is by organizing using plastic or cloth bins. IKEA has various organizational tools, and its Web site,, is just as functional, if not more so due to the ease of shopping, than going to the IKEA store. The Nostalgisk, a cloth clothing box from IKEA, has the dimensions necessary to fit into a cramped UVM closet space. A box with a fitted lid like this one will assist in keeping scarves, hats and gloves from be?coming tangled among shirts, towels and anything else in your closet.A slightly different cloth box option is the Vacker for those people who need further organizational structure within the box. This particular box contains smaller pockets inside for the organization of small items if one does not feel like attempting to keep a large box neat and tidy. After the purchases have been made the only thing left to do is to return to the closest, items in hand and begin to put it all away.Folding is highly important. Clothes can easily get tangled and messy, so by taking the time to fold clothes neatly, in addition to putting numerous belongings into specific pockets or sections of boxes, your closet should always remain tidy.Now the only problem is to not destroy the whole thing when you go to take something out of it.With these supplies to help, the old unknown world of your wardrobe will become the easy-to-navigate New World of a tidy one.