Winter X Games Eleven Showcases Evolution In Extreme Sports

In the opening night of the winter X Games in Aspen, CO, extreme sports saw an array of progressive displays at ButtermilkMountain, leaving everyone satisfied.Women’s Snowboarding SuperpipeThe 17-year-old member of the 2006 Olympic team, Elena Hight was the first female to ever land a grabbed backside 900 in her final run, securing her the bronze medal.She was topped by Aspen native Gretchen Bleiler, whose run started off with a frontside 900 and included her trademarkcrippler and a back-to-back 540 combo landing her a silver.Torah Bright’s gold medal run began with a huge air to fakie to a frontside 720 with a grab and a giant McTwist. Bright’s progressive style rounded out the women’s snowboarding superpipe competition.Men’s Skiing SuperpipeLast year’s gold medalist Tanner Hall came out on top again. Dropping in switch, Hall started with a perfect 1080 on the first hit and ended with a 1080 as well.Hall was followed closely by Simon Dumont, who landed a huge 1260 and was airing upwards of 20 feet out of the pipe.Peter Olenick landed a double back flip with a torque or what has been dubbed the “Whiskey flip” for a solid bronze medal run.Men’s Snowboard SlopstyleFor the men’s side of slopstyle,Norwegian Andreas Wiig snagged the gold with a backside rodeo 900, newly named the “Wiig flip” after a cab 900 and finishing with a frontside 1080 with a frontside grab.Jussi Oksanen scored an 84.66 and second place finish after a solid run that started off with two smooth rails and a switch backside 720 off the first hit. He followed the 720 by a cab 900 into a frontside 900 finishing with a switch backside 900 on the last kicker.Shaun White’s run that beganwith a frontside 270 onto the first rail didn’t land him X Game gold for the first time in four years. His run did include a cab 900 to a frontside 720 boardslide and White almost landed a cab 1260 but didn’t manage to get the final rotation around, which placed him third with a score of 83.33.Women’s Snowboarder XThere was a feeling of deja-vu when Linday Jacobellis saw a gold medal fall from her grasp in the women’s snowboarder X. The event was reminicsent of her fall while showboating at the Torino Olympics. Jacobellis fell on the final jump, but was able to hold onto silver. Jacobellis was passed by Joanie Anderson, who managedto snag the gold medal, while Canadian Maelle Ricker crossed the finish line in third.Monoskiier XFor monoskiier X, a men’s and women’s combined event at the X Games, proving that disabilities won’t keep people off the slopes and out of the fight for first place, Tyler Walker finished first with a time of 84.868 seconds, followed by Kevin Connolly at 84.930.First time X Game participant, Kees-Jan van der Klooster finished in third place with a time of 93.480 seconds and Sarah Will slipped into the fourth place spot at 95.048.Snowboard Best TrickIn the final bracket runs of the first annual Best Trick competition, Andreas Wiig stomps the landing of a perfect 1080 to secure him the gold. Travis Rice attempted a corked double backflip but fell, leaving him in second place.Finnish Antti Autti landed first in the bronze heat and took home a medal in the snowboard best trick for his slighty sketched 1080.Men’s Snowboarding SuperpipeVeteran X Games gold medalist Steve Fisher secured another first place finish for his run that pushed the norms of halfpipe amplitude. A huge combo of 1080s and 900s reaffirmed that he is one of the most technically solid riders out there.Shaun White managed second place with a cased McTwist that landed low in the transition and robbed White of much needed speed for the remainder of his run and the gold.Young gun Mason Aguirre’s bronze medal run included a combo of back to back 1080s and an alie-oop.