Woman’s Hockey Program

Note: You cannot use my name if this is published.It’s time to evaluate the direction, or lack of, of UVM’s woman’s hockey program. I have followed coach Dennis’s teams for over two years and have to conclude that it is not the skill level of the players but his coaching. The dismal record is bad enough but the way his teams are outplayed and out coached is not acceptable any more. If one just monitors the “shots on goal” numbers it tells any hockey fan that the team hasn’t any offensive plan at all. UVM has a hard time making 15 shots on goal per game regardless of the team they are playing.If the team had not had the goalies they had and have the scores would be even worse. Watching the team try to execute a power play opportunity hurts! The team changes lines so often, they cannot create any consistancy or flow. They seem to play not to lose instead of to win.these are aspects that a coach has to control. Coach Dennis has not displayed that ability. It’s time for a change.