Yelawolf to expect penalties

Rapper Michael Atha, known as Yelawolf, has been issued a trespassing notice demanding  that he stay off campus after assaulting a student. Atha punched sophomore Frank Flora at the Wiz Khalifa concert held in the Davis Center on Sept. 23, according to the Affidavit of Probable Cause written by Officer Derrick Kendrew. A trespassing notice is commonly issued to someone who isn’t affiliated with UVM and becomes involved in an assault case, Police Captain Tim Bilodeau said. The night of the concert, Atha spent the night in custody at the Chittenden County Correctional Facility and went to court the following morning, the affidavit stated. Flora reportedly yelled at Yelawolf, insulted his music and spit on the musician before Yelawolf jumped off the stage and punched Flora, first year Anna Purvis, who was working the concert, said. Flora said he did not spit on Atha at any point. “I never spit on him,” Flora said. “Did I like him? No, I definitely didn’t like his music, and at one point there were tons of kids booing him. But at no point did I spit on him. Was I wrong calling him? Probably, but everyone was, and I never spit on him.” Bilodeau said he is unsure of what will happen next. “Sometimes at an arraignment they may not decide,” Bilodeau said. “It’s up to the justice system to work between the state, the individual and his attorney.”