Grumbles bulletin 5/26

Opinion Staff

A few weeks ago on Facebook, the Cynic asked for submissions about the little annoyances our Catamounts face every day:

“Finals week stressing you out? Got gripes with your professors (to our profs– students driving you up the wall)? Are you fed up with May snow flurries, chatty library patrons, finicky roommates?”

We asked you to email us a few sentences with your campus complaints to our anonymous Grumbles Bulletin. And here it is! Giggle along to the small stories, and take comfort in the shared strifes.

That’s right. Let it alllll out…

  • “As I raise my fist and shake it at the sky, I ask the universe why Brennan’s doesn’t open until three during finals week.” – Poetically Hungry
  • “My roommate is annoying af.” -Trapped
  • “Having 4 papers due and a final on the same day…” -Stressed in Simpson
  • “Finals before summer vacation is a little bit like getting your teeth pulled before your birthday. It’s painful, exhausting, and you often wish they gave you more novocaine. But if you hang in there, you’ll get to relax and eat cake or something like that.” -On the Bright Side
  • “I’m annoyed by people trying too hard to be nice by holding doors. Nobody wants to do that awkward jog just because you have no depth perception.”-Disgruntled Pedestrian 
  • “Had a crush on a boy. Found out he vaped Lucky Charms eJuice. Now: happily single.” -Living Free