A note to first years

Lily Spechler

Welcome, Freshman, and hurry up, your time is nearly up.

Literally. Blink twice and it’s gone so let’s get this straight. You only get one shot at being a college student. So you better make every mistake you can before you go.

If you have an inkling you want to be a dancer? Do it. Show up to that ballet class and show them what you don’t got. Trust me it’s worth it. I showed up one week late to ballet class and the first day of class was a quiz. Everyone had to dance across the floor. I did not know a single move and dropped the class immediately after. But still consider myself to be a ballerina and highly recommend the experience.

Want to be a jock? Do it. No one is laughing.

Want to be a yogi? Of course you do, you college freshman! My guess is that you’ll probably get a nose piercing too. I did both. Except the nose piercing got infected so it ended up not being a great look for me. Pro tip: Don’t use rubbing alcohol, only use salt water.

Want to join a sorority or a fraternity? Do it. Want to not join? Do it. Either way you’ll probably lose a bunch of friends until you find your true wolf pack. Do not be discouraged when Stacey your dining hall BFF turns out to be a kleptomaniac. It’s a learning curve, you’ve got it!

Don’t pass out publicly. I feel this tip does not need much elaboration.

The Freshman 15 is avoidable. Just be normal. Don’t eat like twelve servings of fries in the dining hall every night. Work out. Beer should not be consumed in twelve pack intervals.

Fall in love deeply. It’s not that hard. Just be yourself. Let go of everything that made you insecure in high school. Confidence is the most beautiful trait anyone can ever have. And I believe there is nothing sexier than laugh lines framing your eyes.

If you get your heart broken, have no fear. You will survive. Read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

Experiences, good and bad, are how diamonds are formed. Have as many diverse experiences as you can. Expect that there will be some nights where you’re crying and not feeling like yourself. Be patient. Remember how uncomfortable and confused a caterpillar must be when it’s going through metamorphosis.

Trust yourself, but also be trusting of people. Help each other grow. Have an open mind. Listen to other people’s “weird” music and show people your own. Do not ever hesitate to break it down on the dance floor. Nobody’s watching. And if they are, let them. Make them want to join.

Anyway, freshman, I must say I am envious of you. Live every day like you’re about to graduate. And for god’s sake don’t steal signs.