Ask the cats: answers for your questions

The Cats of Opinion, staff writers

Hey readers!

Here is this week’s second question: How to keep your individuality while wearing masks?

Meowoncé: Masks are a FIRE fashion statement, one that could already be seen long before the pandemic in countries such as Japan and South Korea. Look for masks that fit with your fashion sense and your taste in colors and patterns. Go for neutral colors or simple patterns if you’re unsure, or if your outfits already have a lot going on. As for the rest of your face, if you already wear makeup, now’s the perfect time to experiment and use your brows and eyelids as a painter’s canvas. If you don’t wear makeup, now’s the perfect time to learn to use it, no matter what gender you are or what your tastes are. One of the silver linings of a pandemic is that many fashion rules have gone completely out the window, so take advantage of the chaos!

Gary Purr: I say match the mask! Have it go with your outfit if you feel like you’ve lost some swag — yes I said swag — since the pandemic started. My roommate does this sometimes and I’m a fan of it. I think getting creative with your outfit to embrace the piece of fabric we must wear every day is a great example of making the most out of the situation you’re given. 

Hello Kitty: The way I keep my style and individuality in this era of masks is to go all out with my eye makeup! Now, eyes are one of the only features of you that everyone gets to see, so splashing on a bright blue, pink or red, is a great way to make yourself pop! Doing crazy designs with eyeliner is also a fun way to spice things up! Matching your eyeshadow to your mask is also a creative way to pop out. 

Purresh Garimella: I work retail which means that I see about a million different masks every day. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing mask brands—be it Kitsch, Old Navy, or the very telling UVMmasks. If you’re trying to find masks that stand out in a crowd, try shopping at local boutiques, browsing Etsy, or making your own! The latter is more time-consuming, though very rewarding, but the others ensure that you are not only benefiting your personal style but local businesses and artists as well. Whatever you do, don’t settle for neck gaiters. Those display neither individuality nor sexiness. 

Deuce: Masks are just another form of clothing. Due to this, it is a great idea to match it with the color or style of one’s outfit. You could also wear one with something you love on it or show off a cool design. As a mask is on your face, it will always be visible front and center, so it’s always a good idea to show off. Best of all, masks are typically cheaper than other forms of clothing, so it saves money too.