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Those who don’t vote have spoken

Lily Spechler

November 10, 2016

Yes, I know, it's very, very depressing. Sickening. Alarming. But let's move on because what's done is done, and there is so little merit in wallowing in our misery, and so much importance in discussing what this means for our country and what we need to do as young people. First of all, for all of th...

Nearly 80 years after Kristallnacht, hatred must end

November 10, 2016

At around 3 a.m. on Nov. 9, a man who has denounced Muslims, immigrants, Mexicans, women and the disabled became our president-elect. We all know his name - I refuse to write it here. His campaign has incited hate and violence and insurmountable ignorance, like none I have ever witnessed before. ...

We must move forward

We must move forward

November 10, 2016

I always try to remain unbiased and fairly apathetic in the face of politics, but throughout this election I have been forced to become more opinionated on the subject. We have taken our democracy for granted. Roughly 55 percent of eligible voters voted and the ramifications will be catastrophic. ...

Stay informed and diligent

February 3, 2015

We as a generation are soon to inherit this country. We have to do better. We have to care more.We have to ask questions. Its successes and failures from scientific innovations and booming business along with our problems of massive student debt, marriage inequality and urban gentrification will be ours....

The year of the white male

January 20, 2015

2014 has been the year of the collegiate white man. Campus rape? We are responsible. Police brutality? Yup, our fault.We’ve learned a lot about ourselves: how we should be assumed guilty of crimes that we are accused of committing without being proved guilty in a court of law.How, despite honest effort...

Corporate influence and elections

Gaetano Martello

January 20, 2015

Most people I know, including those who vote, have no idea what corporate lobbying is, which I find completely disturbing. As a result, the majority of people in my circle of friends are easily led to believe that the only dirty politicians are Republicans who stifle heavier taxation and increased go...

Letter to the Editor: Real satire, racism and UVM

November 18, 2014

Dear Editor,Satire sheds the cold, bright light of humor onto societal ills by ridiculing those with power. In theory, it is constructive social criticism, yet satirists often lose sight of their original intent.Comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and writers like Kerry Martin attempt to u...

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