Ask the cats: answers for your questions

The Cats of Opinion, staff writers

Hey readers!

Here is the second question of the week: what are some things I can do now that the weather is getting warmer? 

Catphrodite: I am a big fan of picnics by the Waterfront. If that does not suit your fancy, hiking on the trails that are open is an option as well as long walks around Burlington. 

If you are brave enough to swim in the cyanobacteria filled water, I would recommend taking a dip in Lake Champlain (as long as the crowds on the beach aren’t huge). 

There’s so much to do now that it’s warm and this definitely is not all of it, but this is what I do to entertain myself on sunny days! 

Hunter S. Tomcat-son: If there’s sun outside, you should be outside too, it’s as simple as that. 

There’s so much to do now that the weather is warming up. My personal favorite is a bike ride or a walk down to church street with some friends. Scope out some shops, get some food, just enjoy the fresh air and time away from studying and all that miserable stuff. 

On warm nights I like to take walks or bike rides down streets I’ve never been on before and explore new neighborhoods and areas. Even just sitting on the green is a great pastime, beats sitting in a stuffy little dorm. 

Purresh Garimella: Go on a walk! 

In my opinion, walking is the best thing you can do for yourself because you get to be outside, discovering the world, and it doesn’t destroy your joints like running does. 

My favorite spots are Shelburne Farms (there are cows and goats, need I say more), Shelburne Bay Park (really pretty at sunset) and Rock Point (amazing views of the ‘dacks). You can go with a friend, or go by yourself with some good tunes and just take in your surroundings. 

Either way, it’s a good way to slow down, appreciate the scenery and enjoy the sunshine.  

Kitty Great: It’s so easy to get sucked inside these days. When half of your classes are online sometimes all you want to do is hop in bed and take a nap or watch youtube. Never fear, there is hope for the nappers and internet surfers yet! 

Grab a meal to go from the dining hall or, if you’re feeling dangerous, a retail location and eat outside. Better yet, invest in a hammock and just relax in the shade of the redstone pines! 

If you’re feeling adventurous, pick up a new outside activity with friends. Purrsonaly, my friends and I like to throw around a frisbee or play basketball on the athletic campus courts. 

But hey, as long as your outside it doesn’t matter what you do, I promise you’ll have a blast. Unless it snows again…  

Gary Purr: If you’re someone who likes playing sports outside you gotta try playing some wiffle ball. 

I did this with some friends last weekend scattering many of my shoes in the shape of a baseball diamond and it made my week. 

You can also put way more curve on the ball then I remember, which makes pitching a lot of fun. If you’re not into that oddly specific recommendation I’d say to take more walks and naps at the beach. 

Naps are even better outside.  

Hello Kitty: Something I really loved doing during quarantine in the summer was go on my roof, or the park, to lay down soaking up the sun. 

Now that its getting warmer and warmer, it will be perfect sunbathing weather, so I recommend you find a blanket to lay down on, a good book or podcast, and lots of water and sunscreen while you soak up vitamin D.