Ask the cats: answers for your questions

The Cats of Opinion, staff writers

Hey readers!

Here is this week’s first question: How can I manage my time between school, work, and friends?

Catphrodite: I try and set times during the day for myself where I am dedicated to one thing at a time. I try to get most of my school work done by six or seven p.m. so I can have the last couple of hours in the day for friends/myself.

On weekends I make sure to take a day break every Saturday where I do not look at school and focus on friends. As far as work, I cannot exactly plan when I am scheduled, but I can make sure that on the days that I am working that I am not over-doing it. 

I find that having a couple hours each day to do what you want  is the best way to manage a full course schedule and work. 

Purresh Garimella: Even though I hate when people give me this advice: get an agenda. 

Even if you don’t use them everyday (I have plenty of blank space in mine) agendas help a lot during stressful weeks when you have a lot of assignments due, a lot of hours on the schedule at work, a friend’s birthday. 

You can block out your time, prioritize what needs to get done first and find little sections of free time to take for yourself. If you don’t like agendas, get a wall calendar, write down all the important things happening that month and stick it somewhere you know you’ll see it everyday.

Hunter S. Tomcat-son: I have a lot of asynchronous classes and nothing in person. This makes it easy for me to work at my own pace and plan my time. 

I make my weeks pretty top heavy, doing assignments as soon as my professors drop them on Blackboard on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

By getting everything out of the way I’m able to leave the latter half of the week and the weekend for socialization. Though this does make the start of my weeks somewhat hectic and stressful, it’s worth it to me to have an extended rest period at the end of it all. 

As for work, my only job at the moment is school. My biggest piece of advice is jump on assignments as soon as they’re available and don’t leave things until the last minute.  

Kitty Great: I’ve found that using a planner for schoolwork and using a separate calendar (reminders in my case) for extracurriculars gives me a way to divide my time between all activities more evenly. 

I think sometimes if you have all of your tasks in one place it can seem daunting to approach anything at all. However, if you can knock out some homework in your planner and then move onto your reminders for meetings/socializing things it can break up the day’s work a little bit more evenly! 

Also, more impurrtantly, make time for relaxing. 

If you have a busy day, you should make sure to build in some time where you aren’t doing anything at all so that you can get a bearing on yourself. Mental health can easily fall by the wayside when it comes time for finals or midterms and that can make even getting out of bed hard! 

Overall, try different scheduling/organizational tasks and make sure you listen to yourself.