Bringing sexy back to where it belongs


WeÕre sexy and we know it. And we donÕt need a rankings list to prove it.

The Daily Beast recently published a listing of the 20 sexiest colleges and UVM did not rank. Wait, what?

The ranking was compiled based on two factors, according to The Daily Beast website: hotness based on College Prowler data on the colleges with Òthe best-looking girls and guysÓ and sexual health based on TrojanÕs annual sexual health report card.

Ok, fair enough. These seem like decent determining factors.

But still, UVM is not on the list. And you can understand why the Cynic is confused.

LetÕs take a look at some of the sexiest schools. No. 1 is University of Wisconsin. No. 2 is Miami University.

In fact, most of the top 10 schools are large football schools with an equally large Greek life presence.

The photos representing most of these ÒsexiestÓ schools are ones of multi-million dollar football stadiums and cheerleaders.

So does that mean we should start up a varsity football program to become one of the sexiest schools? No!

Like we said, weÕre sexy and we know it. Maybe not sexy in terms of College Prowler hotness, but weÕre sexy in our own way.

Our intelligence is sexy. Our activism is sexy. Our skiing and snowboarding is sexy.

Our women are sexy not only for their physical attraction, but for the way they lead a national charge in women empowerment and equality.

Our men are sexy not only for their strikingly good looks, but for the way they step up to stop sexual violence.

We assert our own sexiness and our comfort within our bodies every single semester by running around naked in a mass celebration of openness and acceptance.

In the year 2013, the normal parameters of ÒsexinessÓ need to expand and include something beyond what The Daily Beast and sites like it are promulgating. Personally we would rather hang out with, make love to and live among the Groovy UVÕs campus cuties any day of the week.

The Daily Beast list opens with, ÒA sexy school might not get you a great job, but it might make a difference during your four years on campus.Ó

Well friends, weÕre making a difference on campus, and UVM has set us up for a chance at great success. If that isnÕt sexy, what is?