Burlington Politics Are Important Too

After this past November, our UVM community was split into two factions: those who were excited with the results of the election and another four years, and those who were disappointed and counting down the days until 2008. Many have turned their focus to the 2006 or 2008 election already. Not many know that there are very important races going on right now in Burlington: City Council races. This Town Meeting Day (Tuesday, March 1) will allow those of us registered in Vermont to cast our vote and decide who gets to do the real governing around here.

The City Council is where the decisions are made that affect us everyday. From issues with landlords to noise ordinances, parking bans and town-gown relations, the Burlington City Council is the front line. That is why it is important to choose a candidate who is willing to advocate for the UVM community, and not try to blame us for all the problems in the city. That is why we, the UVM College Democrats, are endorsing Ed Adrian for City Council in Ward 1. Ed, a 1992 UVM alum and 1996 Vermont Law School grad, was an active member on campus and elected to four consecutive SGA Senate terms. He is willing to be there for UVM students, as well as the rest of the community.

Ed plans to be realistic about the problems of the city and look at it from all angles, not just pointing a finger up the hill at the university. Why support Ed? When you are having issues with your landlord or neighbor, he is going to be there to support a resolution that will address the concerns of both the students and the residents. You are going to want someone who isn’t going to blame you right away. He will treat you like an adult, and advocate for you, too.

Ed understands and remembers what is like to be a UVM student, and deal with many of the same issues we do. He is available by phone, email or in person. Give him a call at 233-2131, send him an email at [email protected], or stop by his house. He’s there to serve you, and help make things better, not worse. That is why you should get out and support Ed Adrian for City Council in Ward 1. Get out and vote March 1. The polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM and the voting place is Mater Christi School located at 100 Mansfield Avenue off of Colchester Avenue. So before or after you head out to the slopes or downtown, please vote. When you vote, remember, IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE.