Campus papers need support

The Water TowerÕs well might be running dry.

Recently, the Water Tower, UVMÕs campus newsmag, has been informed that they will be unable to use the Williams digital lab to design their paper anymore.

The club has been designing their pages in the space for years and says they have never had any problems using the lab.

Since they send their pages to their publisher over the weekend and use specific design programs, alternative spaces to create a paper are limited.

Despite a perceived rivalry between the Cynic and the Water Tower, we are two different publications with two different goals.

Our unifying characteristic is that we are both printed campus papers that need to support each other.

Not having a space to design a paper means that the Water Tower cannot print anymore. As a result, they have halted publishing until a solution can be found.

Although the Cynic is optimistic about the future of journalism as a whole, this is a discouraging loss for the UVM student media community.

The loss of space for the Water Tower also makes us think about a year ago when UVMtv had to leave their space in the Davis Center for a new secluded location in Billings student center.

This demonstrates a trend of neglect toward the campus media organizations that represent the important value of free speech.

The University needs to support the Water Tower by finding them a permanent home. Student Media needs to be valued and supported at UVM.

So students, remember to pick up, watch and listen to your student newspapers, publications and other forms of campus media.