Cynic celebrates 130 years

The Vermont Cynic is turning 130!

Started in 1883 under the name the University Cynic, our paper is the oldest continuously published non-daily college newspaper in the country.

This means the Cynic has a pretty extensive history for a college newspaper.

The first editorial wrote that the Cynic aimed to “give voice to the sentiments of no faction but of the city, the students and the college.”

The Cynic from day one sought to represent the community that surrounds us. 

That is what it has done throughout the past century.

Although we have not always been as fair or unbiased in our reporting as we are now, those initial values have carried through the times and resonate with our staff today.

We are most proud of the changes that have been made in the past five years.

In 2011 we won our first Associate Collegiate Press Pacemaker award, considered the Pulitzer Prize of student journalism.

We were the only newspaper from a school without a journalism program to be awarded a Pacemaker award that year.

That means that the Cynic is a club filled with self-motivated students that can reach the level of quality that students at other schools are taught in classes.

The Cynic is determined to report quality, well-rounded and unbiased news to all of our students. The Pacemaker shows that we have been reporting well and doing our jobs the way that we should.

In 2011 we also began to increase our web presence and video coverage. 

Our efforts have resulted in an online Pacemaker award and a third place award for multimedia. 

We are determined to provide our readers with news on the platforms they desire. 

The Cynic is proud to have served the UVM community for 130 years and greatly appreciates all of our readers, viewers and supporters.

If our history says anything, it is that we are here to stay. 

We at the Cynic look forward to another 130 years and are excited to see the changes in journalism. We believe that the future of the Cynic is a bright one.