Enriched Islam

If the Bush administration is right, there is no greater threat in this world then an Islamic state enriching uranium; Never mind an AP report at the end of February detailing a suicide bomber dressed as a medical worker who blew herself up near 150 people at a hospital ribbon cutting ceremony in Afghanistan. These types of reports shouldn’t detract our attention from the bigger picture. Whatever you do, believe that another invasion into a country that may or may not turn a nuclear program into platform to nuke America (Iran) won’t lead to any blowback.

Take a moment to let the sarcasm sink in.

Every time we invade an Islamic country, or impose our politics onto the Middle East with a self-serving agenda, we are simply making more enemies.

In a country that invented the term ‘public relations,’ it is absurd that we care so little about what the Middle East thinks of us. In Hollywood, this is what would be known as a “PR disaster.”

The real threat to the world is not highly enriched uranium, but “the real danger is highly enriched Islam,” Mamoun Fandy, director of the Middle East program at the International institute for Strategic Studies wrote.

It’s one thing to actively pursue the terrorists responsible for 9/11, but it is an entirely different thing to invade and occupy sovereign nations based upon a preemptive doctrine that is more vague then Britney Spears’ thesis proposal on quantum physics.

Take a moment to let the sarcasm sink in.

When we invade places like Iraq out of sheer American ignorant stubbornness, it infuses groups like Hezbollah and AlQaeda with massive PR victories that reso-nate throughout the Islamic world. This is why insurgents flood into Iraq to fight America from countries like Egypt and Syria.

Last time I checked 9/11 was not a nu-clear attack on New York. It was much like the terrorist act on the hospital in Afghanistan. The next 9/11 will not be avoided by another half-assed occupation of a Middle Eastern country. Our only hope in avoiding further attacks on U.S. soil is to improve our PR with the Islamic world because the weapon of mass destruction that is the most dangerous to us now is an enriched Islam.