Football free but still full of sports

Most colleges that are known as Òsports schoolsÓ have a varsity football program.

Students at UVM, however, don shirts that say varsity foot- ball has been Òundefeated since 1974.Ó ThatÕs because we havenÕt had varsity football here since 1974.

But does that mean that we arenÕt a sports school? Not really, we just think thatÕs the case.

Contrary to popular belief, we are very competitive, and becoming more so, in other sports than football.

UVM was all over television and social media for our recent contest with Duke.

Not too many teams, especially mid-major teams like UVM, can waltz into Cameron Stadium, put up 90 points and lose to Duke by one.

And this is only the latest in a decade of improvement and achievement for UVM basketball. In the last 10 years, weÕve racked up nine 20-win seasons, eight America East regular sea- son or tournament titles, five March Madness berths and two wins in the famed NCAA tournamentÑanother rarity for mid- major teams.

And then thereÕs menÕs hockey

UVM is currently riding a four game winning streak with an overall record of 7-5-1. WeÕve beaten Maine, a competitive Hockey East program, three times out of four, and Notre Dame, the No. 2 nationally ranked team.

This comes after a few poor seasons, but it doesnÕt take too much to remember our Frozen Four appearance in 2009.

Well now we sit in 4th place of arguably the toughest college hockey division in the NCAA and are on the verge of breaking into the top 20 nationally ranked teams.

Not to mention, our soccer teams have always been a force in the America East division.

And many students forget that our varsity ski team is one of the finest in the country. WeÕve won six national championships, the most recent coming in 2012, and 31 EISA titles.

Our success in sports doesnÕt stop at the varsity level. Look at all the club teams who are nationally ranked or compete at high levelsÑfootball, rugby and ultimate frisbee, to name a notable few.