For a carbon pollution tax

Dear Editor,

Climate activists and liberal policy makers often cite the harm that climate change will cause to future generations, saying that our children and grandchildren will feel the drastic effects caused by our neglect to act. Forty years ago this may have been true.

Today, those children and grandchildren are young adults, and are quickly realizing how climate change is going to harm them directly in their lifetimes.

For this generation, for my generation, the issue isn’t something in the distant future, easy to push under the rug. For this generation, the problem is very real and very scary.

Action now is necessary if we hope to mediate the negative effects of climate change predicted by the best climate science in the field.

The most effective way to reduce fossil fuel use is a carbon pollution tax, as demonstrated by big successes in British Colombia and Germany.

Vermont needs to follow in their footsteps by introducing our own carbon pollution tax.

VPIRG’s bill for such a tax is currently headed for the state house of representatives, with 27 co-sponsors already endorsing the bill.

All those concerned about a their future being devastated by climate change should support this bill by contacting their representatives, urging them to support H412.

With enough grassroots support of effective action like this bill, a more hopeful future might still be possible.

Jackson Whiteker
Class of 2015