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Carbon tax research gives hope in fight against climate change

Image courtesy of the New College of Florida's website (August 21, 2018; Photo by Casey Brooke Lawson)

Lee Hughes, Assistant News Editor

November 16, 2018

There is hope for a solution for climate change and wealth inequality; such a solution was presented at a Nov. 9 talk in LaFayette Hall. Entitled “The Impact of Carbon Tax on Inequality in the United States,” the presentation by Mark Paul, as associate professor at the New College of Florida,...

Need common sense and evidence

March 31, 2015

Dear Editor,This is a response to the letter about carbon pollution tax that turned into a environmentalist rant.As a fellow reader and scientist, I would like to reach out with the alternative voice, it is tiresome to see short minded, ill formed, radical opinions flooding all over at UVM. All too often...

For a carbon pollution tax

March 24, 2015

Dear Editor,Climate activists and liberal policy makers often cite the harm that climate change will cause to future generations, saying that our children and grandchildren will feel the drastic effects caused by our neglect to act. Forty years ago this may have been true.Today, those children and gra...

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