From the editor’s desk

Cynic Staff

Cynic Staff

Since “Assault in ‘Safe Spaces’” was published in the Feb. 13 issue of the Cynic, we have heard serious concerns about the reporting and editing of the piece.

We are deeply sorry to those who were hurt by the story.

We did not intend to portray sexual assault as anything less than a serious issue. It is never the victim’s fault and it is wrong to silence the victim.

Sexual assault is an immediate and serious issue that must be addressed at this university and beyond.

The article was intended to be a look into different ways in which a Burlington community addresses sexual assault.

As journalists, we seek to represent as many viewpoints as possible.

It is crucial to remain objective and also recognize the limits of reporting in addressing traumatic issues like sexual assault.

We apologize for the ways this piece hurt some readers.

We are trying to understand the consequences of how we presented the story. We regret how it was presented.

We will try to better support survivors and their stories.

If you’re looking to get involved, or need support around sexual or intimate partner violence, contact the UVM Women’s Center at (802) 656-7892 or [email protected]