Increase the Peace

On March 5, the UVM campus will be joining colleges and high schools around the nation and the world in protest of Bush’s war.

The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) is calling upon campuses across America to join a one-day student strike.

UVM’s day of action will include teach-ins and workshops, an anti-war rally and a panel discussion about the war.

Teach-ins and workshops will be on various topics such as the environmental impact of war, economic alternatives and the constructive analysis of the proposed war.

Highlighted speakers include Cindy Milstein and Arthur Foelsche of the Institute for Social Ecology, Jason Ford and Brendan O’Neill of Action for Community and Ecology in Regions of Central America and UVM professors Luis Vivanco (anthropology), Will Miller (philosophy) and John Todd (natural resources).

The anti-war movement is growing globally.

February 15, citizens on every continent protested the war in Iraq.

An estimated 11 million people took to the streets to say no to the war.

This was the first time in the history of humanity that so many people united globally on a single cause.

“Today, protesters have matched that level of fervor [reference to Vietnam anti-war movement] before the war has started. Our antiwar movement has come close to bringing a giant to its knees.

Even if we do not succeed this time with Iraq, the human connections that are being made in this moment will be a powerful force for positive change in the future” (Naeem Mohaiemen, Daily Star (Bangladesh) 2/19/03).

A war on Iraq would inevitably mean increased suffering for the Iraqi people and the slaughter of countless innocent men, women and children.

War would only increase danger for Americans and the world. Any offensive US military action would encourage terrorist attacks against the US abroad and at home.

Are war and terrorism the way we want to resolve conflict? It is time for the US to set a positive example and end its role in global dominance.

At a time of economic recession and budget deficit, a war would make it harder to meet local needs for education and other social services.

Low income families are facing decreased access to education* and student debt is increasing**.

All while the US military budget steadily increases***.

March 5 will be an important day for students and citizens of the Earth.

Yet again we will speak out against war and offer alternatives to violence and terror.

Please join us as we demand money for books and not for bombs!

*(College Board reported by Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post, Dec. 10, 2001, Page A01)

**(Sherschel, Particia M. USA Group Report. June, 2000)

*** (Deen , Thalif. “U.N. says Nations Reveal Arms Spending – but Spend More.” Inter Press