Letter to the editor: Get over the spending

Dear editor,  Recently you guys have been complaining a lot about the administration’s spending. UVM currently has among the highest tuition rates, for both in-state and out-of-state, of any public state university. Yet instead of using funds towards lowering the tuition rate and making an education here more affordable for everyone, they spend it on silly little things like “making the presidential mansion more inhabitable” and furnishing Fogel’s fancy new office. Well, guess what, guys? Get over it. UVM is technically a non-profit, but what university nowadays actually makes good use of funds? I beseech you to consider this situation from an objective perspective. Hell, how about you walk into the administration’s collective shoes for a second? Last issue’s staff editorial mourned over the fact that since UVM has now gained full capacity, the tuition is gonna go skyrocketing up. Guys, don’t you get it? UVM is in an excellent position right now. They have a very high tuition rate, yet they have reached full capacity! What does this mean, you ask? This means that there is still demand to go here. UVM is smart — they probably figure that the number of prospective students they lose by raising their tuition rate will be offset by the increase in profit they gain from student tuition. They’re in such a unique position at this point that they can spend money on useless library renovations and not lose too many people over it. Put yourself in the administration’s shoes and ask yourself, “Do I really need to lower tuition?” You’ll find that the answer will probably be, “Hell no. In fact, let’s raise that sucker!” So, to conclude: UVM Administration, I cannot say that I agree with what you’re doing – in fact, I think you’re a bunch of money-hungry fiends – but I understand your motives, and I salute your sense of capitalism. Just don’t raise my tuition, and we should be all good.  Ben Braunstein Class of 2015