Letter to the Editor: in support of Kitty Toll for Lieutenant Governor

I am proud to support Kitty Toll of Danville for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. 

As a young Vermonter from St. Johnsbury and UVM student, I believe it’s critical that our next Lieutenant Governor understands the changing demographics of our state and how we’ll meet the needs of present and future Vermonters. 

With her integrity, enthusiasm and kindness, Kitty will do just that.

Kitty’s track record as a middle school teacher, state legislator and Chair of the House Appropriations Committee demonstrates her commitment to public service and deep care for the issues facing our next generation. 

I’ve had a close relationship with Kitty for over five years now. She’s always been a relentless supporter of mine. She has encouraged me to better myself in all aspects of life, including character, community involvement and academics. 

She goes above and beyond to be a supportive figure for anyone in need and she brings out the best in those around her. She is smart, committed and passionate, and she will fight for every Vermonter as she has for me. 

Kitty values family and community more than anyone I’ve ever met. Young Vermonters like myself must share these values now more than ever — and we must do so by electing people like Kitty to lead our state forward.

I know Kitty will bring empathy, compassion and an ability to build broad coalitions to the forefront of our state’s government.

There’s no one else I’d rather see in the Lt. Governor’s office.