Letter to the editor: SGA actions biased

Dear editor, President Mensah, the first president of color who identifies with the LGBTQ community, has yet again been censured. According to the SGA, their reasons stems from his failure to sign legislation on time three weeks in a row, one of which he was sick.  Totally understandable yes, but I question the legitimacy of their actions when 42 senators have had ample opportunities to censure others in weeks past, for infractions such as failing to sign legislation on time, getting the agenda to senators on time and a variety of other reasons. Yet their actions have seemingly gone unchecked as no censures were raised.  The censure is being brought through under the cloud that Kofi not signing legislation cause drastic disservice to students. Hmm, last I checked, funds were still given to Chabad club, the newly recognized club was able to reserve space and the resolution in opposition to the Pence Amendment – which still hasn’t been voted on by the U.S government – was still posted on websites over spring break. I am concerned about their actions when the history of the organization is not the best in regards to minority students. They impeached one of the first black presidents for doing something that many presidents had done before, and over the years many multicultural student groups have felt unsupported by this SGA. The actions of the elections committee last year was in my opinion discriminatory and downright biased and I wasn’t the only one that felt that way as dozens of students attended the SGA Public Forum when they unfairly removed his name from the ballot and voiced their concerns. Students of color in the past have resigned from SGA because they felt unsupported and who could blame them when the largest “representative” body still grouped all ALANA students together as a club? With what has been the history of SGA in years past and unfair actions that took place last year and this year, I unfortunately consider how fairly the body is acting and treating President Mensah.  As a student of color who pays the Student Activity Fee I expect more and better from my representative body. Sincerely, Darrion M. Willis Class of 2012