Letter to the editor: Standing up for UVM

  Dear editor, Last week’s letter to the editor written, by a Mr. Thomas H. Naylor, has left me and many of my friends scratching our heads and wondering, is this guy serious? And if he is, what was he smoking?  Using the incident involving a terribly worded survey question written by one member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, he lambasted UVM as a “place where wealthy kids from the Northeast who can’t get into the Ivy League come to play in the snow.”  A few paragraphs later, Naylor uses the Sigma Phi Epsilon incident to direct contempt and vitriol at the hardworking students in ROTC who work their way through college, sacrificing their time, energy and, indeed, lives.  What, Mr. Naylor, does ROTC have to do with what happened at Sigma Phi Epsilon? Was the SigEp member also part of ROTC?  I have it on good information that he was not.  To come out of extreme-left field with a shameful attack on ROTC, the University and the United States, and somehow connect them with rapes at UVM, is not only ludicrous but also highly offensive.  I am not a member of ROTC, but I respect the fact that these hardworking and dedicated students are getting up every morning while it is still dark, in the bitter Vermont weather, to train with the goal of protecting American civilians — including Mr. Naylor — and his right to baselessly defame them.  Mr. Naylor’s cynical use of the incident involving SigEp to spout his radical political beliefs is his right, but it is by no means honorable. To attack ROTC when they are not even relevant in the slightest to the SigEp incident is not fair to them, and frankly, it makes a lot of mainstream Americans and college students sick to their stomachs.   Sincerely, Jeremiah Rozman Class of  2014