Letter to the editor: University fails to notify, student upset

Dear editor,

I would like to take this moment to express my severe disappointment in the actions taken by the University of Vermont with regards to its students safety in light of the recent assault on campus.

While I would like to report that the University acted quickly to announce the severity of a possible threat to student safety, I am unfortunately unable to do so. As an individual who was walking within a hundred yards of the crime scene on his way back from dinner, I find it deeply concerning that no form of information was given to anybody with regards to a knife wielding assailant possibly on the loose.

While we were all informed almost instantly of a woman brandishing a plastic pistol in a lecture hall, UVM waited hours before informing students on this incident.

It is not only disappointing that UVM chose to keep students in the dark during what for some was an extremely stressful, uncertain and scary time. But its also the fact that they allowed student safety and campus security to slip during this time.

It is with deep regret I write this, but feel it is important the University understand that by failing to utilize an extremely efficient and easy-to-use system that they have implemented for scenarios EXACTLY like this one, they have lost a great deal of trust from not only myself, but a large portion of the student body.