Ode to a government shutdown

Henry Mitchell

‘Twas the day before Trump’s next year; there was a chore:

Pass a bill, allow the government to spend more;

But while Republicans wanted a big wall,

Democrats just wanted DACA, that was all!


To pass the bill, Congress couldn’t stay in groups;

Democrats should get their DACA, Trump his troops.

Trump said, “Give me your plan, I will sign any bill.”

But instead of relief, many felt only a chill.


“Gaagh!” he said, “This bill supports the worst immigrants!

Remove this at once, or no more CHIP for infants!”

Democrats were baffled: “Could he be for real?

Is compassion an emotion Trump can’t feel?”


With the bipartisan bill gone, doubt set in;

Would it be a year of congressional sin?

And while everything would be grinding to a halt,

Both parties knew it would be the other one’s fault.


Friday came quick; Trump held a private meeting with Chuck

To find a solution, but they ran out of luck;

“We’re being held hostage!” is what Dems would call

Trump’s blackmail to get himself his mighty wall.


The vote came: sixty needed, but fell ten short.

Because of kids they didn’t want to deport

It seemed every last one of their cards had been played

And for a while, many would have to go unpaid.


The senators threw each other under the bus:

“They control everything; no one could ever blame us.”

Said the blue party. “All you do is obstruct!”

When it was their opponents’ turn to conduct.


One side might have appeared to have more reason,

But doing their job took more than a season;

Now they will give their speeches, they will give their pitch;

This will be a grueling year for ol’ Chuck and Mitch.


Out there yet sleeps a voter, so full of despair;

They toss and turn, for it seems that no one will care.

They want a leader who makes them jump and cheer,

Which is why they will go out and vote this year.