Saddam Hussein: A Case of Racial Profiling?

Allegations have surfaced recently that officer George W. Bush of the Texas State Police may have wrongfully apprehended Saddam Hussein, who is now in Police custody. The incident, which happened last March, is now under investigation. According to, Officer Bush was on special assignment to find the mastermind of the attacks on September eleventh, 2001.

When asked why he pulled over Saddam Hussein, when the main suspect is Osama Bin Laden, Officer Bus responded: “Look, he fit the profile: middle-eastern, criminal history, male, anti-American, and, ah, thirty-seven other characteristics we use to profile individuals.”

Prior to the incident officer Bush had repeatedly tried to obtain a warrant from Judge Kofi Annan to search Hussein’s house, only to be turned down every time.

“I don’t know why you keep insisting on this officer Bush, there is simply no evidence of a connection between Saddam Hussein and September the eleventh; it seems misleading to suggest that there is,” said Judge Annan to his last request.

According to witnesses, officer Bush pulled over Hussein, dragged him out of his car, and immediately began to search the vehicle. According to Bush, he pulled over Hussein to look for illegal weapons. “I kept trying to tell him-I don’t have weapons anymore,” said Hussein.

When asked to justify the search, Bush replied, “He was clearly out trying to supply suspicious persons with weapons.” After being reminded that he found no weapons in the car, officer Bush got angry, curled his lip, and snarled, “you know what, it doesn’t matter, he’s a menace to the community, we’ve got complaints from his neighbors going back decades. We’re all a lot safer without him. It’s better to stop him now before he became an even bigger threat.”

In response, Saddam said, “hey, I live in a tough neighborhood, what do you expect? All I know is that I was driving my pinto down the street when this crazy officer pulled me over, dragged me out of my car, beat me up, and searched my car. When I tried to protest, he just laughed and told me to ‘Bring it on.’