Selfless love can overcome national hatred

How lucky we are to live in a place where so many of us possess the same values of humanity, even at a time when some fear our own humanity may be challenged; a place where a tumultuous election brought us together, instead of apart; a place that hate will not reach.

By standing in solidarity, we have begun a conversation on campus which has allowed us to recognize each other’s fears, differences and strength, allowing us to process, heal and move for each other.

Our solidarity, too, must extend beyond the confines of our ivory towers and the collection of our liberally-educated minds. We must value and understand the voices of all. We must freely speak our truths without fear of being silenced, and we must listen without judgemental ears.

This is not to say that listening to hateful rhetoric is acceptable. It is looking at the anatomy and intersection of race and class in this country and analyzing it critically. It is holding multiple truths in order to achieve a common goal.

Perhaps Trump’s views aren’t completely baseless, though. America does need to focus on its own affairs – after all, we just elected the most unqualified man in our history to the highest office in the land. America’s true values are the ones we saw displayed throughout our community this week. Brotherhood is what we need most at this time. Compassion is what we need most. What we need more than ever, however, is understanding. As Lincoln proclaimed so eloquently: “a house divided cannot stand.”

We call on the students, faculty and members of the community to think critically on their privilege bestowed upon them by the construction of power in regards to race, class, sex, ability, gender and sexual orientation. We call on an end to apathy on this campus; an end to silence on this campus; and acts of only selfless love and resistance on this campus.