Stop complaining about facebook

As college students, we are all busy. If you aren’t, you should be. So you would think nobody had time to spare complaining about the newest Facebook layout. But if the Cynic editors’ collective newsfeeds are any measure, the newest changes are the worst thing to happen since… well, since the last Facebook changes.  Every few months the social networking site will freshen its image and the result is always the same: bitching en masse. Everyone and their dog — who probably also has a profile — types out their cleverest versions of “This sucks.” Ever since dropping the “The,” Facebook has been evolving. It is an innovative company trying not to fall into the black hole currently occupied by MySpace. How do you capture the attention of a fickle teen demographic more than willing to jump on the newest social network bandwagon? The answer: by staying fresh. When Facebook started putting pictures along the top of profiles, who complained? Everyone. Who still has a Facebook? Everyone. We are willing to bet you don’t even remember when Facebook didn’t have the bar of photos at the top of a profile.  It is important to remember that Facebook is a business. If they make a stylistic choice you don’t approve of, take your business elsewhere. Google+ would be glad to have you. With some new social media options, maybe it’s the perfect time to duck out. Everyone has an idea of what is good and what is bad. No change can please everyone, nor does it need to. But when it comes down to it Mark Zuckerberg owns the website. For those who think Facebook, old or new, is too invasive, we encourage you to check out the privacy settings, stop posting private things or get off Facebook. While we are all for control over what is and isn’t private, we think the safest way to keep your personal information personal is to blast it into cyberspace. Change is hard. We know. But the Facebook community is larger than ever and there will be, without a doubt, more changes to come. So let’s all just get on board and try to keep the pouting to a minimum. The next change is around the corner. After all, it’s what keeps life interesting — right?