Stop Embarrassing UVM

I turned on the news the other night to see yet another petty protest in front of the Ira Allen Chapel. Once again I was embarrassed and angry. Why can’t this university bring an esteemed and intelligent speaker here without protestors trying to take over? The lecture and discussion of the evening always seems to deteriorate into some misguided angry socialist yelling incoherent and irrelevant jargon taken from the Socialist Worker (I’m considering a subscription by the way, as it’s cheaper than toilet paper). There are many students who, like myself, take advantage of what UVM has to offer and attends these lectures with an open mind. I don’t always agree with the speaker, but even if I don’t, I wouldn’t blatantly disrespect them or the audience of students and residents who are interested in hearing the views of others. If you want to present your views that’s fine, but do it on your own time. Don’t spew inaccurate and heavily skewed facts and the same old propaganda during an intellectual discussion. During question and answer sessions, try asking a question for a change. Let UVM show that we are an intelligent community and give these speakers a reason to come. Let us give them some respect while we’re at it.