Taking advantage of add/drop

Ariana Arden

Hey, you. Yes, you. I have something super top secret to tell you.

You should drop more classes.

This may be shocking. It does not apply to everyone, but if you’re getting a B.A. in the College of Arts and Sciences, you should definitely drop more classes.

Think about it. Your requirements probably fall into categories. So while you have to take one of a certain type of course, you probably don’t have to take that specific class you’re hating right now.

If you hate a class on day one, there is a really good chance you’re going to hate it for the entire semester. And that benefits no one.

It does not benefit you. If you hate it, you’ll put in minimal effort and probably won’t do well or get much out of it.

It does not benefit your classmates or professor. Your boredom and negative energy detract from the environment. Perhaps the seat you are filling could be filled by someone who would love it.

You might just decide you want to buckle down and suffer through, but your time is worth more than that.

Need I remind you how much money you’re paying to take that awful class? Wouldn’t you rather take something you might like?

If you dropped that one class and enrolled in another, you might end up taking something you really like­ —something that could open your mind or teach you something valuable. It’s okay to drop classes.

Just because you committed on registration day doesn’t mean you have to commit forever.

Books can be returned and professors won’t be offended.

If you can, just drop more classes. Take it from a senior who wishes she’d done it more.

It’s worth it.