The Trinity saga ends

Everything from sinks to bodies have flown out of windows this semester on Trinity Campus. In all reality, Trinity Campus has been marked by a slew of mishaps this year.            Over the past year, drinking, partying and general mayhem have characterized this part of campus. Most recently, some UVM students lit a bonfire and allowed it to burn unattended across from Trinity Campus, as well as left a threatening note, punctuating the end of a raucous semester. A bonfire sounds like fun, right?More like potentially deadly.  We know students who live on Trinity aren’t delinquent. They are just as studious as everyone else, so it makes you wonder, why has Trinity been such a hub of mischief — dangerous and sometimes malicious mischief at that? We could argue that Trinity Campus students just happen to live a lot farther away from UVM amenities. If you don’t have much to do and the snow has made it miserable to walk very far, staying in and getting messed up in the warmth of your residence hall begins to seem much more appealing. We could also write everything off as the antics that come with housing approximately 380 first-year students on one campus.Add to that the newfound glory and freedom that comes with living on your own for the first time, and the rest is history. Honestly, no single reason can really be pinpointed as the ultimate cause of these problems — we know many responsible first-year students, and walking through the snow has yet to turn all Vermonters into party animals. What this does tell us is that we need to be much more conscious of our actions and those of our peers. The bonfire last weekend could have gotten out of control and burned down Centennial Woods. The threat could have become more than just words.Dramatic statements — true — but they could have been reality. So at the risk of sounding exactly like your mother, stay safe and watch out for one another this summer and into next semester. For whatever reason, that did not happen this year on Trinity, but a new year is just around the corner. We still have time to change for the better.