This Kid is Weaker Than My Grandmother

After two years of having to see Julian Brizzi’s absolutely atrocious attempts at wit and humor, I feel as though I cannot remain silent any longer. This kid really, really sucks. I can’t believe you guys let him write this stuff every week.

He writes as though he knows everything, and we the audience needs to take that as a given before reading any of his pieces. I do not support that argument, in fact I can say with assurance that I disagree with almost everything he has ever written.

I do not say that as someone who takes Julian’s writing at face value, I know when he writes something really ignorant its supposed to be a joke.

I just don’t think he’s ever actually been funny in a single piece he’s written. He consistently comes across as someone who has been around idiots for too long, thinks he’s terribly fantastic, and needs someone to knock him down to size really quickly. Its like he just came to UVM from a school for the mentally challenged, and hasn’t realized that he’s in over his head yet.

Hopefully, sometime very soon you over at the Vermont Cynic will realize that if you ever want to have a legitimate school paper, and as a result make our school more legitimate, you need to trim the fat. Remove people like Julian Brizzi (and to a lesser extent the arts editor Natalie Powers), and replace them with more humble, intelligent columnists.

With all this talk about reorganizing our school to make it more competitive, and attracting more skilled and motivated students, it comes as a shock to me that Julian can continue to write for this University. What do you think an incoming student will think of UVM if they look through the school paper to find another Julian Brizzi original, extolling the virtues of cigarette smoking, or bad hip hop music? They will think that UVM is a bad joke, much like Julian and all his pieces.

This University deserves more than what Julian has been giving it, and if he refuses to be ashamed of what he presents to the student body on a weekly basis, I will be ashamed for us all.

If you really want to create a viable, legitimate, necessary school paper, you will need to get a new opinions and editorials editor as soon as possible.

Don’t let this scumbag drag you down with him. He’s headed nowhere.