UN’s failure to unite

Dear Editor,

The United Nations was created to prevent large scale genocides and protect innocent people from being massacred by their regimes or any other regime. Millions of people have been killed in genocide since then that have taken place in Khmer rouge, Darfur, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Saddam HusseinÕs anfal campaign.

The impotency of the UN has long been proven, but what about NATO? Britain has been dying for a long time now but its recent decision clearly shows that it has already curled up and died.

Where is the integrity and morality of the worldÕs superpowers? How can we sit by and watch as women and children are butchered with impunity day after day? Why is there a UN (besides to rape underage Africans and Asians and to condemn Israel)?

For the cost of a few Tomahawk missiles which can be fired from safety we can at the very least put an end to AssadÕs use of chemical weapons and speed up the end to the conflict. What is the question here?

I think that Britain and France and possibly Turkey will get on line for a strike; hopefully they are just stalling until the weapons inspectors get out in order to keep a doubt as to a strike open. It seems like the Arab league should do what they can since this is their back yard, not NATOÕs (except Turkey) and they do have the money.

It seems very immoral and just against common sense that dictators should be allowed to gas innocent people, especially since Western forces could cripple AssadÕs air force and ability to use chemical weapons with such minimal risk.


Jeremiah Rozman

Class of 2014