What Recession

Although we have heard much talk of economic troubles recently, due to the excessive wealth and good investments of our families, we haven’t been feeling the pinch quite as badly as some of our colleagues.Thanks to the current war in Iraq, our investments in Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Halliburton have actually been performing quite impressively.But don’t think you missed the train. With the stocks being as low as they are, this is not necessarily as bad of a time as everyone thinks. Now is the time to invest.If people pulled a little more money together, got a little risky and started investing in the incredible deals that Wall Street is offering, this recession would be over much sooner.President Obama is not going to fix the economic crisis, despite what you may think, he is only going to delay the end of it by trying to pump too much inflated wages into the system.So get out there and invest!Honestly, the “recession” blessings are showering upon us, and we’re here to show you the way.First, gasoline: the depressed economy is lowering the price of gasoline. Its cheaper than ever for us to fill our BMW X5s and Land Rovers for our shopping excursions, as well as jaunts in the countryside to our condos in Stowe.Second, because of the decrease in demand, the prices of luxury goods have dropped considerably. Its much cheaper to keep a fine caviar bar and Cuban cigar humidor well-stocked.All benefits aside, if you are going to call this recession, it was long-coming because of the poor decisions that were made under the Clinton Administration.Now is not the time to start making quick-fix decisions for fear of the future.If we as Americans want to fix this mess, we need to take a minute and think about whether or not Obama’s plans are palatable.Long-term inflation and free-money has never been a beneficial decision for all and we don’t see why they will be now either.