Athletics adds new text service

The UVM athletics department has revamped their text alert system with their recent partnership with Vermont Sports Properties.

UVM’s text alert system is a way for fans to receive instant texts with score alerts.  To sign up, a person just needs to text UVM to 83200.

“Following a game our staff enters in the score and sends out a message to everyone that subscribe to the team,” said Alastair Ingram, director of Media Relations and Sports Information. “The hope is as the seasons continue forward that more and more subscribers will continue to come in.”

Fan may choose specific teams to receive alerts for, or opt to keep up with every sport.

However, many students, like senior Hayden Pochop, don’t know about the text alert system.

“I had no idea that existed, but it sounds great,” Pochop said. “I’d really like having that for some of the away basketball and hockey games.”

Senior Mike Regan agreed.

He said there isn’t another system that allows you to quickly  find final scores for UVM sports.

“Sometimes it can be a little obnoxious searching different websites,” Regan said. “If it’s simple enough to sign up I’m all for subscribing.”